18 August 2011

Results Day and Scheduled Posts

I know a lot of you just like to watch my videos but this is a fairly important thing so I'd recommend that you read it...

This has automatically been posted at 10AM on August 18th... a time that some people my age refer to as "Results Day". Basically, for all of you not informed about this occasion, I am finding out whether or not I am in university right about now.

Whether I'm in or not, I'm probably going to be getting drunk in a few hours after this is posted and then I'll probably be dealing with a hangover tomorrow.

If you combine this with the fact that I need to sort out things relating to uni (whether I get in or not), it becomes very apparent why I'm not going to be posting over the next few days.

However... Blogger has a particularly useful feature which enables me to write posts and have them posted when I want them to whether I'm available or not. This post is a very good example.

I've written a few days worth of content so feel free to check the blog over the next few days, I should have some things for you to look at.

Oh... don't leave me messages like "I hope you got into university." Seriously. Thanks.

I got into my first choice university.

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