26 August 2011

On Coming Out - Part 1

Now I'm assuming most of you know I'm gay. If you didn't know, read my profile over there on the right somewhere, it's not long.

What some of you may not realise is that I'm still in the closet, to my real life friends and family anyway.

The reason for this post and any future ones like it is so that I can keep track of how life progresses as I come out to more people.

Hey, this is the 21st Century! Blogs are the modern diaries.

So then, very recently I told a friend that I was gay. Honestly, I was surprised at how well she took it. As it turns out, she is in the closet too so she understood the situation I was in.

When I asked her if she was surprised to find out about me, she wasn't because she doesn't believe that everybody has to be straight by default.

I personally think that's a good attitude to people, I think I may start doing that from now on.

We'll see how this progresses as more people find out, shall we?

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