07 August 2011

Trifle Down Boxers

This is my first new video for the blog!

It was also a request from "02gunge22" who can be found on a number of messy sites if you Google their name. I was challenged to see how many trifles I could fit in my boxers. Unfortunately though, that trifle tasted really good so there was only one third left by the time it came to film. What do you say? Should I remake this?

Also something I wasn't expecting was just how cold this trifle was going to be! I think you can hear that it took me by surprise.

Something else worth noting is the fact that since all my future videos are now going to be unlisted, I can afford to be a little bit more suggestive as hopefully you clearly see in the video with all the rubbing and wedgies which I know some people love.


1 comment:

  1. Hey man.... that was the hottest vid i've seen you do.... maybe heat the trifle up next time... im sure it'd feel better... and luving the undie rubbin and wedgies :P

    bbum1998 from youtube